Roasting process.

We start the whole process with sourcing only the finest of coffees from all over the world.  Coffee is grown in the bean belt which is the area between the tropic of cancer and tropic of Capricorn.  We purchase only specialty grade coffee.  This means that the coffee we buy has to have a grading of 80 points or higher under the Specilaty Coffee Association of America standards.  The words premium and gourmet are just marketing terms!  This is the top 3 % coffee of the world.

We are constantly cupping coffees to assure quality and consistency.  Our Roastmaster and team cup all coffees that come in.  This is how we test the coffee.  They roast small batches on their sample roaster and then taste in a process called “cupping”.  This is where they grind the coffee and smell  it dry.  They then add water and let it steep.  When the coffee has steeped for the appropriate time they break the crust that has formed and smell deeply. Trying to pick up any negative characteristics.  They then slurp as loudly as possible!  The more noise you make the better you are doing it.  They then wait for the coffee to cool to room temperature.  They then slurp again.  As coffee cools negative traits come through. Ever notice how at a diner they constantly try to reheat your coffee?   Once this process is completed and find no negative traits and it matches the taste profiles they need…they will purchase it.    

We have developed our blends to “showcase” the best characteristics of each coffee.   We buy coffee from all over the world.  Each coffee has something special to offer be it bright acidity of an African coffee or the boldness of an Indonesian. We blend to make that perfect cup! We also have what we like to call a guiltless dessert.  Our infusion coffee is a combination of caramel, vanilla and Kahlua.  This might sound like a lot of calories packed into a cup but there aren’t any. No sugar at all. If it tastes sweet that is the coffee itself!   


We are what is called a micro roaster.  We roast in small batches.  Our batch size is never larger than 90 lbs and this  gives us more control than a commercial roaster.   We are what is known as  a sensory roaster.  We monitor the development of the roast through sight, sense of smell and sound. With experience comes quality and consistency.  Our roastmaster 28  years experience  in the specialty coffee industry.